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Related post: Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 15:28:40 -0800 (PST) From: Bob Archman Subject: Reverend Jim 2Reverend Jim 2By Bald Hairy Man This is a sexual fantasy with no effort made keyword pthc at real life experiences. If you object to gay fiction, DO NOT READ. This story is not for you. If you have any comments, send them to or and Terry went off to the banquet and I went out to dinner. I got back by 9:00 and the room was empty, but his pthc kiddy suitcase was still there. I wasn't sure how Jim reacted to the events of the afternoon. I had half expected him to be gone. I turned on the television and relaxed.I knew Jim was shocked by the sex, but he also was clearly attracted. There was no question he had enjoyed it. He had a spectacular pthc boys pics orgasm and there was no way for him to ignore that. Terry knew a bit pthc gallery jpg more about sex and wasn't ashamed to admit it. He liked sex a lot. Jim liked it too, but was uncomfortable admitting it.I dozed off when Jim and Terry returned."How was the banquet?" I asked."Really pthc morph nice." Terry answered. "It's kind of late and Jim said, I could spend the night, if it's okay with you?""No problem for me." 14 year nude pthc I said. "I was supposed to be on my way home by now, so it would have been Jim's room alone tonight if I hadn't gotten a lead for a new pthc imagevenue jpg client. Would you guys like a drink?" They nodded. I think drinking was new to them and they liked that too."I feel a child thumbnails pthc little as if I'm a thumbnails pthc high school student sneaking a drink." Terry said. "My wife doesn't like me to drink.""It seems to me there's a big difference between drinking and getting drunk." I said. "Frankly, there a bigger difference between being pthc lotitas a happy drunk and a bad drunk.""Have you been drunk?" Jim asked."Sure, in college it pthc ranchi teen seemed exciting. Somehow the thrill of getting drunk diminished, as I got older. I never drive when drinking, so it's been a long time." I said. "You've never been drunk?""I never had a drink." Jim replied. "My folks though you would go to hell if you drank or smoked, or danced for that matter.""And no sex?" I asked. Both Jim girl lover pthc and Terry laughed."I think cambodia pthc sex was so awful they never mentioned it in my house." Terry answered. "As far I knew, I was the second immaculate conception.""Same here. Sex pthc kds top was absolutely taboo. Not mentioned, not pthc pedo pics even hinted at." Jim said. "We didn't bbs porn pthc kds even have the pedofilia gratis pthc National Geographic bearflix pthc in our house. They thought it had pornographic overtones!""The National Geographic was my introduction to the world." I said."Me too!"I was pthc kds pedo bbs looking for boobs." Terry added."Not cocks?" I asked."Truthfully speaking, illegal pthc bbs toplist I was looking for cocks too." Terry said. "I'm the only boy in my family. I didn't know anyone had elite porn pthc a cock except for me. It was a shock and pthc newsgrou a relief. I was afraid I had the only cock in the world.""The good news is other guys have cock. The bad news is they are all Australian pthcs bbs Aborigines!" I said. model pthc We all laughed. "I looked too. The National Geographic and Life Magazines Epic of Man were my favorite suppliers of near naked men cp pthc forums and women." reverse access pthc I paused. "It sounds like you guys had a joyless life." I said. "Are you guys okay with what we did this afternoon? ""You know what's funny?" Terry asked. "My parents never told me not to do anything remotely like what we just did. I'm not sure it would have occurred to them. They were masters of guilt. They could make me feel guilty about eating a candy bar. I was eating dinner and realized I didn't feel guilty about what we did at all.""What did you pthc swimsuit feel?" I asked."Happy." Terry said, " Real happy.""I feel annoyed and stupid." Jim said. "I suddenly realized what amateur pthc sex I've missed for my first 35 years. I've little mamas pthc spent most of real pthc movies my life avoiding life. I feel kind of stupid. I've been telling people what to do and what not to do and I've discovered I don't know anything about it.""Did you pthc 12y like the blow job" Terry asked.""I sure did." Jim replied. "I never felt anything like porn bbs pthc free it before. It was unbelievably good. pthc vids download To tell teen pthc tgp you the truth, my only experience has been with my wife and I couldn't understand why people liked kindergarten pthc sex so much. It was no big thing as far as I knew.""Same here. Sex was a chore my wife links pthc amateur had bd company team pthc to do, if forum pthc ru forced into it. One step below taking out the garbage." Terry said. What we did this afternoon was good. I lot of pthc could actually do it again." Terry tried to sound as if he had just thought of the possibility of a second sex session. He must have been the worst actor in the world.Terry's voice was boys pix pthc tinged with desperation. He wanted sex bad and I was pretty sure Jim wanted it again. I knew their potential for a sexual outlet was all but nonexistent when they went home. It was here and now, or never."Maybe we could experiment a little bit more." Jim said. pthc vicky video "I wouldn't mind that.""Sorry guys, I'm not into learning experiences. I have all the learning I need." I said. Both men looked crestfallen. They looked like orphans who thought they were going to be adopted and were suddenly told it had fallen through. pthc fotos free I took mercy on them. "I wouldn't mind some plain, old fashioned man sex, though." I'm not sure I had ever seen two men look more relieved. "Are you interested?""I sure am." Terry said. Jim thought for a few seconds and nodded his head."Let me tell you, I'm interested in sex. I like pthc search virginz ygold to give and I like to take." I continued. "If I suck a guy, I expect him to return the favor. If we really get into it, I don't mind a cock in my ass. Sometimes that really hits the spot. But if I bottom, I expect to top. `Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' is my motto. Is that okay with you?""It sounds fair to me." Jim said."Let me tell you one more thing." I said. "Let's all be honest with ourselves. I'm gay and I like sex with men. You two may or may not be gay, but I know you bbs pthc y o like sex pthc aneli with men. You both took to it this afternoon like ducks to water. Let's not pretend otherwise. Admit you are here to enjoy sex, the physical sensation. No talk about sin or redemption. We're after orgasms, board pthc cgiworld not salvation.""I hate to say it Bill, but free underage pthc pics that pthc guide makes a lot of sense to me." Terry said. Jim looked uneasy. Terry glanced at him and smiled. "Jim may not be pthc vbv able to say it yet," kds pedo pthc Terry continued, "but he wants it just as much as I pthc extreme do, if not more.""Well, let's stop 12yr pthc talking and get naked." I said. Quite frankly, I wasn't as sure Jim was sandra nude pthc with the program as Terry. I did notice Jim was naked first. As he dropped his shorts, his erect cock gave all nonnude pthc the confirmation I needed. Jim was interested.Jim was so excited he was shivering a little. I put my arms around him and Terry."You don't have to do this, if you don't want to." Jim whispered."Let me tell you the truth." I said. "Lots of gay guys like young beach bunnies. I'm not one of them. I like masculine, hairy men. Quite frankly, you two are about as close to a living wet dream as I have ever encountered. I'm ready to play.""Hot damn!" Terry said. A second later he was sucking my cock. Jim ran his hand over the hair on my chest."You really think body tight pthc sex guide pthc zeps hair is okay?" Jim asked."It's more than okay. It makes a man look more masculine." I said as I stroked his furry pthc sex lesson chest. Terry came up for air. "Jim are you ready to sucked cock?""Not yet, but I'm getting close." Jim said."Let's all jump in the shower and clean up first." I suggested. They liked that idea. We wedged into the shower and soaped up. I figured Jim would relax in the shower and I was right. The hot pthc vids clips water and close proximity, with our ppboard pthc bodies rubbing against each other, was erotic. There was no way to avoid physical pthc ten contact with a cock, or ass.Jim soaped up my cock and Terry soaped Jim's ass and cock. Jim liked that. I rinsed pthc kid the soap and immediately, Jim was sucking me. Terry was behind board pthc cgiworld ranchi me, fingering my ass.Have you sucked Terry yet?" illegal pthc rompl I asked Jim. He shook pthc teens pictures his head. "It seems to me its pthc sports livedoor time." We switched places and Jim began to suck vicky pthc pics his discussion board pthc friend' cock. I was behind Terry now and had my cock rubbing his ass crack. Terry didn't object. That was a good sign. Usually when you touch a virgin ass, the guy jumps. Terry was steady as a rock.As I poked my cock nearer Terry's asshole, spread his legs pthc kidsex underage a bit wider. My cock head rubbed his asshole. Jim was sucking him and he had Terry's balls firmly gripped in pthc girls porn his hand. His hand felt my cock at Terry's ass. He pulled back. A few seconds later, pthc pics boards his hand returned.. That too was a pthc masha and anya good sign.I turned off the water; we all dried off and went back to the bedroom. We got on the bed and Terry and I 69ed. Jim was watching. I motioned to him to join in. We formed a triangle, linked, cock to mouth. I was sucking Terry, while Jim sucked me and Terry sucked Jim. We rotated several times, so we all had a pretty solid knowledge of each other's cocks and balls. Jim was really getting into it. He was deep throating effortlessly.We took a breather and I went over to my shaving kit and looked in it. I had put a bottle of poppers in it several months earlier and couldn't remember if I had left it in, or left it at home. I found it, an unopened bottle of Rush. I also found a new tube of K-Y."Ready to kick it up a notch?" I asked. "Like to fuck?" There was silence."Do you want to fuck me?" Jim asked a bit uncertain."I sure do, darkcollection pthc but I wouldn't mind taking a ride on your cock." I said. "I like the top and the bottom.""Do you think you can take that monster? Terry asked. "I might be able to take your cock, but I dorki guestbook pthc don't think I could take Jim's.""My wife says mine's too big." Jim said. Jim was always uneasy, but I noticed once he got into it, he liked it. His whole vision of sex was askew. He had no self confidence at all. I guessed his parents and wife had done thai asian pthc movies toon pthc top100 a real job on his ego. He was handsome, hung and masculine. He was also a nice guy. "Let pthc child hardcore me be the judge of that." I said. bbs cp pthc toplist "I've never taken a cock as big little pthc xxx as yours, but I sure am game.""Does it feel good enough to take the risk?" Terry asked. "Jim's pthc russians dick looks big enough to split you in half!" Terry was curious and really excited."When it's good it's great. Some pthc young models guys don't like it. It's like olives, you may not like them at first, but you can grow to love them.""Did you like it from the start." Jim asked."Not really." I said. "The first guy babygirl pthc who fucked me wasn't pthc bbs free vids very pthc ranchi rompl good. He was as inexperienced as I was and we just didn't do it right. It's funny, but even though I didn't like it at first, pthc lol pre I did try it several more times. I was at a party one board sandra pthc night, had a bit more to drink than I should and ended up spending the night. The host was an kiddy porn kds pthc old queen and he knew how to do it. I'd enough to drink to be relaxed. It was good.""He took advantage of you?" Jim asked."Shit no. I was thirty-two by then. I could take care of myself.." I replied. "We were talking. I pthcbblogs had told him, I hadn't liked being fucked before. He told me, he could jp pthc change my opinion. I asked if he let me fuck him backdoor pthc after. The guy said, turn about was fair play and I ended up with his cock up my ass.""Didn't you feel *****." Jim asked."Not bbs hentai pthc tgp at all. We were both adults, we were both interested. fake pthc Why not?" I asked. "The guy eased his way into my ass. By the time the night was over, he had fucked me from top to bottom and I loved every minute of it. I didn't get to fuck him after all. It was too good to stop. Enough talk, lets get down to business. I've got the lubricant. Terry, can you help me?""Sure." Terry said. I gave him the japanese pthc board tube and asked him to work into my ass. I took a big glob of the stuff and pthc hard fuck coated Jim's cock with it. He loved it. Jim was hard before the lube, after I coated his cock the monster grew an inch."If you don't mind, lie down. I'd like to sit on it." I said. "It gives me more control and that helps with a big cock." Jim didn't mind at all. Terry had done a good job on my ass. He worked his fingers as deep into my ass as he could. He was careful, but thorough. Jim got on the bed. I straddled him. My knees were on each side of his torso. I was sitting up."Hold his cock at my hole and let me sit back." I told Terry. I pthc imgboard paran video sat aaa imgboard pthc back and Jim's cp pthc loslave pink cock head poked at my ass. It popped, in but it hurt. I sat up again. "Add a little bbs hussyfan pthc more lube, Terry." He pthc photoboard did and I sat back again. It was better. The cock head popped in and I sat back. The cock slid in slowly. It felt el web pthc better the deeper it went."Holy shit!" Terry cried. "I don't lolmash pthc bbs believe it! Damn, it's hot." By this time, Jim's cock was all the way in. I sighed and relaxed. It was a perfect fit. I just sat there and enjoyed the sensations."Are you okay?" Jim asked."Okay isn't the word for it!" I said as I began grinding my hips. Jim moaned. I lifted up until only his cock head was in my ass and then sat back quickly. Jim moaned again. I did the same thing, three or four times. That is when the real fucking started.
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